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Are you curious what Team Exit is all about?
Have you heard about the best escape room in Warsaw?
Do you love solving puzzles and riddles under time pressure?
Do you like challenging yourself ?
Are  you looking for ideas for team or corporate integration?

In fact, the reason does not matter...

Just gather your team and get ready for an hour full of excitement and adrenaline!

Team Exit is a type of entertainment known as Room Escape. Faced with a series of puzzles, you have to use your intelligence and creativity to achieve your goal, which is to get out of a locked room in 60 minutes.
Only Team Exit guarantees even more fun and satisfaction thanks to additional challenges,  which you will discover before entering the room. Each room has a separate scenario that will allow you to immerse yourself in the mysterious story, which you will not easily forget!
All rooms have been designed to satisfy even the most demanding minds and to appeal to the highest sense of aesthetic, making Team Exit the only world-class quality room escape in Warsaw!
Solve all the riddles and puzzles, spot something that others were not able to see and share all the information with your team members in order to get out of the room. Remember that in addition to logical thinking and ingenuity, vigilance is also necessary. You never know what will be useful during the escape.
Birthday,  stag or hen party, an unforgettable date, Friday evening or Tuesday noon? Do not look for a special occasion, book your experience now! Take the challenge and show your cleverness!

Win a race against time, come first in the ranking and win a prize for the best team!

Come and see if you have what it takes to get out ...


The aim of the room escape game is to solve all the puzzles and escape the room! Use all your senses, logical thinking, cleverness and dexterity and beat time records. Team Exit also guarantees additional challenges!


Each scenario offers 60 minutes of unforgettable entertainment. This is also the maximum time to get out of a locked room.


Common goal, race against the clock and the necessity to cooperate to get out ... These are great conditions for team-building! This 1 hour will strengthen your team relations


Team Exit is a transfer into another dimension of reality. All in one place! The puzzles are created by using modern technologies and materials of the highest quality, guaranteeing unforgettable memories and emotions!


All puzzles have been repeatedly tested and are safe for health. In case of any danger, the game is paused and the door automatically opens. Additionally, the entire facility is monitored.


LOGIC (67%)
FUN (100%)
The 17th century is the time of the pirates' reign on Tortuga, one of the Caribbean islands. Apart from pirate ships, more and more rumours mention a ghost ship. After a night storm, you wake up in a prison cell waiting for death.. and most of the rumors appear to be facts... Will you be the first person who manages to escape this ship?


LOGIC (90%)
FUN (100%)

You get an order to steal some important documents from the President's office during a banquet at the White House. There is little time and Secret Service Agents can show up anytime if you activate the alarm! But you have dealt with orders like that before...


Are you looking for an original gift idea? Do you really want this gift to appeal to the taste of the recipient?
Do you want to surprise your family, friends or colleagues with your creativity and the knowledge of the newest trends?
Buy the Team Exit Voucher and offer your loved ones unforgettable fun!
Team Exit Voucher can be used within 6 months from the date of purchase. It can be used in any of the rooms.


Fantastic form of spending free time with your friends. I made use of this kind of game for the first time and it definitely wasn't last one :)) I recommend it everyone who like puzzles. Great place, extremely nice people. What else to expect?

One hour of good entertainment. Level of riddles and tasks for sure won't disappoint anybody. The group is really integrated, when you have to act to manage to do task on time (big emotions!). Very nice coordinators, I recommend

Played the White House Escape just 2 days before, it was awesome!!!! A very sophisticated escape game with great and friendly staff. Definitely recommended. From Taiwan



What is Escape the room game?

Escape the room is a modern entertainment for people of all ages.
The game is about deciphering, breaking codes and solving riddles to escape from a locked room. To make things a bit harder, each game has a 60 minutes’ time limit. After the time elapses the door to the room closes forever...
Depending on the chosen game theme, each scenario has some additional attractions. Of course we won’t reveal them right now.
There is even more! - At Team Exit you can win prizes! The best teams will get the best rewards! *Please note that everyone under the age of 16 should be accompanied by an adult.

I have never playedsuch a game before. Is Team Exit for me?

If you have never participated in a room escape game before, it is high time you do! This is the best way for you totry yourself. Our team is constantly monitoring your progress in the room. Should you need any tip or advice , just let us know.

Who is this game for?

Escape the room will be enjoyed both by people who are crazy about riddles and by those who are yet unware how much fun this game offers!.
We invite everyone: kids, teens, parents or grandparents. The game is safe for anyone.

How do I prepare for the game?

Your game date is coming soon and you wonder what to do? There’s really not much you have to do to feel the thrill!Just grab some comfortable clothes and come to Team Exit 15 minutes before planned game. You don’t need any special equipment or training. When you arrive our fantastic Team Exit staff will provide you with all the necessary information and instructions

How many people can participate in the game?

Each game has an exact number of persons who can play. Pirates of the Caribbean: 4-6 persons whilst Spy at the President’s: 3-5 persons. Of course you can come in larger group and split into smaller groups for different rooms. The game is very exciting but not frightening.

What methods of payment do you accept?

The basic method of payment is an online transfer made at the time of reservation. If you drop by without reservation you can payby cash.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Cancelling reservation is possible up to 24 hours before the planned start of the game. We recommend changing the date of the game instead of cancelling.

How many rooms can I book in a single reservation?

We guess that you might want to compete with another group of your friends? If there are two rooms available for your chosen date, don’t hesitate and book them! In such a case just let us know in advance andwe will prepare something special for you.

What is the language of the game?

We invite players from all around the world to Team Exit, so knowing Polish is not mandatory. Riddles are prepared for every language. Our staff speaks fluent English. Additional attractions and information are also available in English.


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